ABR Assignment

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Great NEWS!!!! Our first ABR assignment will be due January 29, 2020.

What is an ABR? It stands for Alternative Book Report, and it is a creative way for students to present information they learned from a novel they are reading. Instead of the standard report that requires paragraphs that regurgitate the information from the text, an ABR uses analytical skills as well as creative skills to produce something that is fun for students to create but that also provides them with the necessary skills to be prepared for the Georgia Milestone Assessment.


What is the format of this assignment? This assignment will have three components:

  1. The Creative Project——-The students will work on this component at home. Each ABR assignment will have a focus area for the final project. For example, the first ABR will have a focus area of character analysis. This means that the projects will focus on analyzing a major character in the text. The students will be given 6 choices of ways to present their character analysis. Once they have chosen the way they will present the information, they will be given an assignment sheet and a rubric that provides the details of how to proceed with the project.

  2. The Presentation—–The students will present their information to the class. This part of the presentation will vary for each report. For example, the first presentation will be an oral presentation. The students will actually stand in front of the class to orally present the information in their project. The form of presentation for the second ABR will be the Karousel Feedback, where students will provide written feedback to other students about their projects.

  3. The Summary———The students will write an objective summary of their novel. On the day of the presentation, the students will take the first 8 minutes of class to write an objective summary of the text.


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